Maybe you or your team struggle to implement CSS in your development correctly or you have no idea to build a design system you can use easily for your application.

I can help you building resilient, accessible and inclusive web interfaces fast.

I master CSS. I use it since and I have encountered several cases of accessibiity issues on several projects all along these years. I can bring my experience on this matter for you.

According to the WHO, over 1 billion people live with some sort of disability and the number is increasing. this corresponds to about 15% of the world's population. The worst would be having developped functionalities for an online application which is unusable by anybody because of a poor designed interface, because you did not think about issues you never faced yourself.

There are several ways to work with me. I can audit your current site if you need to make it more accessible before any further development. I can also be part of your team as a freelancer for the frontend engineering.

I would be pleased to know more about what is challenging you right now.

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I build tools to enhance web accessibility. My work is aimed to be used with respect for human rights, considering :

I believe in simple functional interfaces, built on :

My goal is thinking about sustainable maintenance of web interfaces and accurate viability of loading pages in a degraded environment to access information.



color tool for contrast enhancement and daltonization


a mess of awk scripts for css parsing and manipulation. useful to hack font size, tracking, leading and color properties


simulator of perception of pictures by protanopes, deuteranopes and tritanopes after daltonization

svg player

single track audio player in SVG and javascript, with ARIA attributes and keyboard navigation for accessibility